Heads Up! Fake Steve Blogging Again!

Fake Steve Jobs

Fake Steve Jobs

Last few days have been very eventful. But, the fact that there was no post written about it here is in direct contrast, right ? Well, taking me for granted as a run-of-the-mill blogger, yeah. I don’t like the concept of blogging about each and everything going on in my life. And thats exactly why I’m not a big fan of Twitter which quite frankly sucks.

Ok, enough about that. I got a good news for you all and just wanted to give you a “heads up!”. For those who are unfamiliar, Fake Steve Jobs Blog was (and is) a very popular (& Funny)  blog written by Dan Lyons who impersonates as Steve Jobs.

I was an avid reader of the blog for some years when he stopped updating the blog. Reason being the obvious, Mr. Jobs’ illness. Now, he has started blogging again. And he’s funny as always.

So, to past readers, I’m sure you would already know this since this news isn’t actually fresh. Its stale for 2-3 days. For new readers, go on and check out his earlier posts and some of his hit posts like “Eric Schmidt Serenity Prayer”  etc.. LET THE COMMENTS ROLL !!!


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