Why 2010 Sucks For Me

By nature, I’m no whiner. That ain’t me. But I wanna get this off my chest. 2010 Sucks For ME!! Yup it does. And no I’m not making up a statement without citing anything supporting it. Though its just been less than a month since New Year, I’ve been having shit almost everyday.

Without going on endlessly about it, I’m laying down the facts in bullets. Everybody loves them bullets.

  • Fell down from the bike (parents still think its a soccer accident) and got terribly injured.
  • Piece of red hot coal went straight into my eye and I got burns (while doing Smithy work in Mechanical Lab).
  • Most of my college works are past the deadlines and I’m in big trouble.

And thats just half a month of shit! Don’t wanna talk about it any more. Depressing Nonsense…

P.S: This doesn’t have anything to do with 2007 STILL being the worse year in my life.

BTW, I’m interested in knowing your stories too. Which would you call the worse year in your life & why?


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