Why It’s Important To Blog

Some dude's messy diary..

Some dude's messy diary..

I never had a diary. Thats the truth. As a child, I didn’t find any sense to maintaining a diary. Documenting daily events in a hard-bound book sounded senseless to me. I mean, we’re living our life. Not doing a outer-space mission to keep track of every movement you make.

But that was younger me. At 19 years of age, I’ve gotten wiser. I understand that journaling is a pretty good idea. Since life gets complex as you grow up, at some point, you get mixed up with too much information. Journaling helps in keeping track of them. But it still sucks since I don’t have it as a habit.

Point is, for all this time, I thought blogs were either personal doodle books or marketing machines. I was never able to actually convince myself to put effort into one. And I’m being completely honest.

Today morning, it struck me. If I were to maintain a blog and expect someone else to read it, I need to put something up there of interest to someone. Something interesting. And creating interesting stuff requires creativity.

Creativity doesn’t just take shape inside the head. It is born from one’s life experiences. So, if a person cannot figure out something interesting to say, HE ISN’T LEADING AN INTERESTING LIFE. He isn’t taking chances. He isn’t pushing the limits.

So, before I end up making this look like a page torn out of a corporate motivation book, this is what I’m meaning to say.

If you can’t maintain an interesting blog, you’re leading an uninteresting life

So whenever one wants to know if his life is taking the right path, he can take a look at his blog. And stuff will be clear.


2 Responses to “Why It’s Important To Blog”

  1. 1 nicreh July 22, 2010 at 9:19 am

    I started to read the post, saw how long it was and went straight to the end to see the conclusion (i always read blogs like this the first time to see if i like it) anyway, the last quote and sentence was a little provocing which caught my attention so i went back to the top and read the whole thing.

    It ended up with me totally agree with you! so, good writing!

    seems like we have some things incommon, i’m also 19 and reach for a carrier as a journalist. being creative defenitely requires you to think outside of the box simply by experiencing new things. I try to do this everyday, but its not easy!

    I should probably but something interesting/provocing here at the end for you to read all this, lol. I didn’t mean to be long-winded. just keep it up =)

  2. 2 nicreh July 22, 2010 at 9:22 am

    btw, i linked this post on my twitter/blog =)

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