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I’m Blogging From My iPod

Nothing much to say actually. I’m blogging this post from my new iPod Touch 32Gigs. And I have to say this is impressive. The WordPress 2 app is really amazing.

It’s a test post actually. Just felt compelled to test it out.


iPhone Development: My Newest Time-Killer

Ever since I heard about the iPhone and its new revolutionary features, I started thinking about the various possibilities of apps which can designed for it. I was disappointed at first though, since Apple didn’t release the SDK for making apps for roughly a year.

iPhone SDK

Apple saved their ass (I’ll be using swears in this blog. Take that!) by releasing the Web App SDK which frankly sucked. But, as planned the SDK was out. I read some articles and documentation as an orientation to the platform. But then I realized that I lacked one of the pre-requisites required for development.

I didn’t own a Mac

From then on, my aim was to save up money to buy a mac. Now, I’m all geared up with the SDK stuff. I don’t yet own an iPhone. But I’ve made some great apps which are classified right now ;). Lol. I did it all without ever using an iPhone EVEN ONCE.

The fucked up pricing here in India made me stern about my philosophies. I won’t buy a legal iPhone even if I had the money for it. Its plain extortion. 31000 INR for the iPhone isn’t that bad. BUT IT INCLUDES CARRIER TIEUP!! Fuck that Airtel & Vodafone!!

Anyway… thats it about my rant. If you haven’t clicked the point yet, this post just means I’m gonna annoy you about iPhone dev stuff and my new apps in the future posts. Heads up! 😉

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