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Why 2010 Sucks For Me

By nature, I’m no whiner. That ain’t me. But I wanna get this off my chest. 2010 Sucks For ME!! Yup it does. And no I’m not making up a statement without citing anything supporting it. Though its just been less than a month since New Year, I’ve been having shit almost everyday.

Without going on endlessly about it, I’m laying down the facts in bullets. Everybody loves them bullets.

  • Fell down from the bike (parents still think its a soccer accident) and got terribly injured.
  • Piece of red hot coal went straight into my eye and I got burns (while doing Smithy work in Mechanical Lab).
  • Most of my college works are past the deadlines and I’m in big trouble.

And thats just half a month of shit! Don’t wanna talk about it any more. Depressing Nonsense…

P.S: This doesn’t have anything to do with 2007 STILL being the worse year in my life.

BTW, I’m interested in knowing your stories too. Which would you call the worse year in your life & why?


I’m Blogging From My iPod

Nothing much to say actually. I’m blogging this post from my new iPod Touch 32Gigs. And I have to say this is impressive. The WordPress 2 app is really amazing.

It’s a test post actually. Just felt compelled to test it out.

Watch Out, I’m Back!

J S Bach

FYI, see to get the gist of caption..

Its 1:24am in the morning right now. And for some reason, I’m suddenly feeling the urge to blog. Thats very weird actually. My superior sense of dates tell me its been like 7months since I blogged 😉

So, I just wanna say that I really think I’ll be blogging more often. Don’t ask me why. Don’t ask me are you sure. Just hold on to your seat, folks.

P.S: Holding onto the seat part may not be necessary.

Oiling this Rusty Li’l Thing!

Back when I started this blog, I intended it for personal use and for publishing stuff that I care about. With 31 posts in its arsenal, its obviously not just another spam blog with nothing in it other than the “Hello World” post.

TechRoach Back

My being busy has made me completely forget about it. But, now since I’m free and actually trying to kill some time, I decided to come back to blogging. Hope you guys would like the new edition of TechRoach. Stay Tuned….

So, What Took You So Long ?

A small minority of you maybe asking me this question. That minority of you who had read some of my first posts in this blog. Statistically speaking, maybe those 5 people who are still hooked up to my RSS feed. You guys might be asking this. Cuz its been a very long time since I posted anything here.

Sometimes I feel motivated in serving something up to my readers here as I sometimes wake up in the perspective that I was cheating atleast those 5 readers who’ve hanged on to this blog expecting something useful…. someday.

But then, its like a kind of weird feeling that I’m meant to be doing such stuff. Last 6 months were crude and cruel. Those 2 weren’t for the rhyming effect. I mean, yeah, I could say that those were the baddest months in my life.

Had a big problem and one of the first big problems in my life. I didn’t actually know how to face it. Had a weak mind. Got a shock. Was in a daze for all these days. That was rhyming too, wasn’t it ? lol. (just being silly here)

Might be problems associated with my age. But, it was just horrible. And please, for God sake, don’t ask me about what happened not only because I’m trying to forget that shit but also cuz I’m keepin’ it private.

It gave me the opportunity to do a lot of other things. I read a lot about various people and scientists (I love science). Got a little more immersed in studies. But, now, I got so bored that I came to the point where I realized that I’m missing something.

Life suddenly turned to be a burden. I felt that there’s no reason to go forward. But then, I remembered my life of blogging. I mean, its kinda weird man. I didn’t actually have many readers or anything. But I loved the days when I was blogging (which was about 8 months ago).

And so now, I decided to publish this blog. Fill it up with random shit. Doesn’t actually matter if someone reads it or not. I need to do something or I’ll bore myself to death. So, here I go.

Anyway, I’m not doing any proofreading. Just don’t feel like it. Might contain a shit-load of typos. I hope you don’t mind.  Cheh….

I’m TechRoach…..

Hey, first of all, thank you for your attention. So, before I start posting anything else on this blog, I would like to introduce myself to you. I’m Tech Roach. I’m a technology-addict and Open source purist wannabe.

I’ve been online since 13 years of age and even now, my fascination towards “The Computer” hasn’t yet stopped. I love learning new things online. But, more than that, I love to be a kinda anonymous since I had a bad experience with the contrary.

I use Ubuntu Linux at home. I’m currently learning more and more about networking, sockets and socket programming in C. I love blogging (I’ve had previous experience :)) and thats why I’m here.

But, I do regret a little over wasting my $10 here at WordPress just to get my own domain to redirect to my blog. Its kinda shitty since is somehow slow in my system. And, when I added as my base URL, the URL in the admin panel doesn’t change.Oh well, I guess there’s no way I can get my money back. So, I decided to get in here and start this new journal. I consider this as my personal journal where I express my personal and not-so-personal stuff. My space for free speech. Stuff, as seen through my eyes. Anyway, I hope you like the future posts.

Hi! :)

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