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Why It’s Important To Blog

Some dude's messy diary..

Some dude's messy diary..

I never had a diary. Thats the truth. As a child, I didn’t find any sense to maintaining a diary. Documenting daily events in a hard-bound book sounded senseless to me. I mean, we’re living our life. Not doing a outer-space mission to keep track of every movement you make.

But that was younger me. At 19 years of age, I’ve gotten wiser. I understand that journaling is a pretty good idea. Since life gets complex as you grow up, at some point, you get mixed up with too much information. Journaling helps in keeping track of them. But it still sucks since I don’t have it as a habit.

Point is, for all this time, I thought blogs were either personal doodle books or marketing machines. I was never able to actually convince myself to put effort into one. And I’m being completely honest.

Today morning, it struck me. If I were to maintain a blog and expect someone else to read it, I need to put something up there of interest to someone. Something interesting. And creating interesting stuff requires creativity.

Creativity doesn’t just take shape inside the head. It is born from one’s life experiences. So, if a person cannot figure out something interesting to say, HE ISN’T LEADING AN INTERESTING LIFE. He isn’t taking chances. He isn’t pushing the limits.

So, before I end up making this look like a page torn out of a corporate motivation book, this is what I’m meaning to say.

If you can’t maintain an interesting blog, you’re leading an uninteresting life

So whenever one wants to know if his life is taking the right path, he can take a look at his blog. And stuff will be clear.


Any Alien Spottings in India ??

In my last post, I elaborated about a new insight I got about the whole UFO phenomenon. Now, honestly, I was never a non-believer in the UFO phenomenon. I remember my childhood when I used to scan through the newspapers to find articles related to the topic.

And this is the disturbing fact. Every other alien spotting I saw occurred most probably in America. And so, my post UFOs Love America . I’m asking a simple question. Since I’m from India, Can anyone here tell me about UFO spottings in India ?

See, its scientifically proven that if you’re genuinely craving to see something, you’ll have the illusion of seeing it. Like the Oasis for lost travellers. So, people dying to see aliens out there would see them (or even fake them).

I’m begging for your comments cuz this is really interesting… 😀

My Take On Alien Sightings: Evidence


Previously on TechRoach’s Blog, I blogged an article: UFOs Love America. I had explained why I think of it that way. And, it always bugged me when I thought about it. For some reason, I tend to cling on to certain things that I’m interested in (and let go of most other stuff. eg. Studies.).

And now, I’ve come to a conclusive opinion. Right now, I think I know why UFO sightings are more reported in USA. And, the direct consequence of my opinion leads to:

Consequence: Aliens haven’t been visiting Earth!

Seeing that, Some of you might stop reading this article right this instant. Don’t. Cuz you need to read this.

Now, those who’re reading this post is probably interested in these stuff and, it goes without question that almost all of you should know what Area 51 is. For those who don’t, here’s the wikipedia entry Area 51.

Now, back in the cold war days, Area 51 used to test ride this surveillance aircraft called Lockheed A-12 “OXCART”. It runs at Mach 3 and is super stealthy. So, America used to fly this baby to spy over other countries.

Now, look at the shape of the jet and tell me if or if not it looks generally like a Flying Saucer ? It has that BIG belly to store enough fuel for its cross-continent flights.

Lockheed A-12 Noseview
Lockheed A-12 Noseview

Continue reading ‘My Take On Alien Sightings: Evidence’

Happy Republic Day !!

Indian FlagHowdy guys. Rejoice cuz officially, its Republic Day already. The time is 12.40pm and its January 26th. Its the Indian Republic Day.

This is one of the days of the year when I get really patriotic. Appreciate the great things about this great country. Sure, there are a lot of problems. But we are one of the future-super powers in the world.

This year, French President Nicolas Sarkozy will be the guest for the Republic Day parade. Its that time of the year when all we want is a prosperous country and a peaceful loving world.

India Booming

Rewinding back to August 15, 1945. The day British left India. The old India, what can you see ? Poverty, Famine, Quarrel, Lawlessness, and mostly a country which is dependent on other countries even for food.

But come back to the present. January 26, 2008. 59 years. What do you see now ? A new India, one of the countries with the highest GDP, an outsourcing and export hub, military-power etc.

  • India is the world’s 4th largest economy (larger than that of UK and France combined, and larger than that of Russia).
  • India’s GDP rate is 9.2% while others like US, Japan have 3.3% and 2.2% respectively.
  • Our Space agency ISRO is 6th in the world, which possess technology to propel satellites using our own launch vehicle.
  • Only U.S.A and India possess the technology to build high resolution Spy-Satellites.
  • The Indian Army is the most active army in Asia.
  • India is one the world’s best outsourcing hotspots.
  • India has NEVER started a war in history.
  • India is launching its moon mission on April 2008 entering a group of elite space agencies in the world.
  • India’s entry in the security council is supported by UK, France, Russia etc.
  • And list goes on…

We’ve really come a long way since our independence. Even if corruption and terrorism still haunt our economy, we still are making huge leaps.

Respect Others: Our Value

Our country is one of the founding members of the non-aligned movement. We don’t alignMahatma Gandhi with either of the Power blocs. We have a very rich culture. But, our values are of peace and respect.

India has never waged a war in its entire history. Even in the Pakistan problem, we only defended ourselves even with its military-strength.

To be an Indian, we have to respect other countries, races and even our enemies. Thats our culture.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our country is the Man of the century. He’s a embodiment of non-violence. We must all follow his steps for a peaceful world.

Why should we fight ? We’re all basically ONE. If we stand together, nothing can break our friendship. So, let this republic day lead to a better, progressive and peaceful future.

Jai Hind !!

Life On Mars: Bigfoot ??

Lot of debate is going on regarding a photo-shoot by the NASA mars rover, Spirit which reveals a human-like figure on the terrain. Its really interesting how the mainstream media picked it up and made it into a sensation. It was in the front page of many popular newspapers all around the world.

Mars Bigfoot

^ Click image to enlarge ^
I agree that it looks somewhat like a human. But the woman ? Don’t know why these guys came with this wacky opinion. Many called it Bigfoot. Hmm… great hunch guys. Except that its just 6cm in size!!

Here’s a funny excerpt from Bad Astronomy blog :

That does look like a guy hanging out on Mars, enjoying the 0.01 Earth atmospheric pressure, the 98% CO2 air, the subfreezing cold, and of course, just being four inches tall. Martians are pretty short, it seems. And patient, given its pose.

Yeah, The Planetary Society has quite some interesting facts and details about this thing. I mean, from their explanations, it seems clear that the thing has been staying still there for a long time. I mean, this is not the first time they take a photo of it (it remains unchanged). And moreover, it takes a significant amount of time for Spirit to take a color image.

Ok, I’m not being a i-don’t-believe-miracles-wtf guy. But according to the facts…. yup…. its a rock. So, you wanna see the whole image in all its graininess ? Here’s the link :


So, since the mainstream nut-heads have already made a fortune making monkey outta normal people, I think NASA should try going near to that rock and show the world, the truth. I mean, if its not there, then maybe they’re right. It might be something else.

Foolish thought, but, why can’t it be somekinda small man-like martian fossil ? Or even the head of a buried large monster ? I think they should check it out for footprints or carbon traces or any other kinda stuff.

Actually, this whole concept about predicting life, based on earthling living conditions is, to an extent, wrong. Who knows ? Maybe its a martian tree or something which doesn’t have anything similar to an earth tree.

Imagination goes forever. I think its upto NASA to bring some light to this mystery.

UFOs Love America

Ok, this is getting crazy and weird at the same time. Yesterday, I saw this article on Yahoo! News about “Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO“. Read the article. It wasn’t actually any different from the ones I’ve read earlier.

I mean, UFO sightings aren’t a new thing. People see it often. But the real question is. Why do only people from U.S see UFOs ?

No explanation (did anyone expect it owing to the title). Never have I seen any reports about UFO sightings outside America. Maybe UFOs must be crazy about American skies or maybe Americans are the only people wacky enough to believe in such illusions.

I’m not denying its existence. But this is really strange. So, anybody have evidence against my inference. If yes, please do comment about it. I’m eager to know.

Digg’s Formula For Clean Comments – No More Comments !!

You may think this is weird and utterly foolish. But, right now, when I’m writing this post, I’m so pissed off that if I see Kevin Rose anywhere in a 300m radius around my house, I would take my cricket bat and stab him right to death.

I mean, what ?! We all know that Digg‘s commenting system is getting a lot of criticism for the inability to appreciate the intellectual comments which deserve it. But, this is as far as Digg can go. This may be 100% due to error in their script. But, it just goes to show why Digg has a lot of cleaning up to do with its comment script.

I’ve been trying 3 times to submit a comment. But its just not working. All I get is “Oops, CAPTCHA appears to be invalid…”. And the funny thing is, oops my CAPTCHA is valid, you friggin’ script !! Screw you. Here’s a screenshot. I’m sorry I can’t include the screenshots of my other trials. I got my cache cleaned. Take a look below :

Digg Comment

 Please click on the above image for clearer view.

I know what you’ll be asking me right now. “Dude, try ‘1’ instead of ‘I’ and it’ll work. U’re retard”. You know what ? I tried that. I tried everything I can. It just isn’t working.

I think Digg should use more of “reCaptcha kinda captcha so that, even if the comments aren’t going to help anyone or start a healthy discussing, its going to help wise men decode old books. And, they’re system works 100 times better than Digg’s because its coded by people who what scripts are, other than Digg developers. Sheesh.

Bring your perspectives to light by throwing a comment (and this one works) !!

Hi! :)

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