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Any Alien Spottings in India ??

In my last post, I elaborated about a new insight I got about the whole UFO phenomenon. Now, honestly, I was never a non-believer in the UFO phenomenon. I remember my childhood when I used to scan through the newspapers to find articles related to the topic.

And this is the disturbing fact. Every other alien spotting I saw occurred most probably in America. And so, my post UFOs Love America . I’m asking a simple question. Since I’m from India, Can anyone here tell me about UFO spottings in India ?

See, its scientifically proven that if you’re genuinely craving to see something, you’ll have the illusion of seeing it. Like the Oasis for lost travellers. So, people dying to see aliens out there would see them (or even fake them).

I’m begging for your comments cuz this is really interesting… 😀


My Take On Alien Sightings: Evidence


Previously on TechRoach’s Blog, I blogged an article: UFOs Love America. I had explained why I think of it that way. And, it always bugged me when I thought about it. For some reason, I tend to cling on to certain things that I’m interested in (and let go of most other stuff. eg. Studies.).

And now, I’ve come to a conclusive opinion. Right now, I think I know why UFO sightings are more reported in USA. And, the direct consequence of my opinion leads to:

Consequence: Aliens haven’t been visiting Earth!

Seeing that, Some of you might stop reading this article right this instant. Don’t. Cuz you need to read this.

Now, those who’re reading this post is probably interested in these stuff and, it goes without question that almost all of you should know what Area 51 is. For those who don’t, here’s the wikipedia entry Area 51.

Now, back in the cold war days, Area 51 used to test ride this surveillance aircraft called Lockheed A-12 “OXCART”. It runs at Mach 3 and is super stealthy. So, America used to fly this baby to spy over other countries.

Now, look at the shape of the jet and tell me if or if not it looks generally like a Flying Saucer ? It has that BIG belly to store enough fuel for its cross-continent flights.

Lockheed A-12 Noseview
Lockheed A-12 Noseview

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Demonoid, Here I Come !!


It has always been a dream. From the day I started my journey of downloading stuff online, Demonoid was always a dream community to be in. As a dude from India, piracy is sometimes the only way to get certain stuff which isn’t available locally.

Although, I try to buy the non-pirate versions of most of the things I need, there’s times when you get desperate and need it really badly. Demonoid is one of the ultimate in exclusive p2p communities. They’re trackers are said to be faster beyond comparison to other public torrent sites like PirateBay, MiniNova etc.

Anyway, thats that. For anyone who wanna know, I’m Jithmeister there. And, PLS DONT ASK ME FOR INVITES CUZ I DONT HAVE ANY. I’m a new member and obviously for that reason, I don’t have invites in my account. Nada.

Anyway… as always thank you reading. 🙂


iPhone Development: My Newest Time-Killer

Ever since I heard about the iPhone and its new revolutionary features, I started thinking about the various possibilities of apps which can designed for it. I was disappointed at first though, since Apple didn’t release the SDK for making apps for roughly a year.

iPhone SDK

Apple saved their ass (I’ll be using swears in this blog. Take that!) by releasing the Web App SDK which frankly sucked. But, as planned the SDK was out. I read some articles and documentation as an orientation to the platform. But then I realized that I lacked one of the pre-requisites required for development.

I didn’t own a Mac

From then on, my aim was to save up money to buy a mac. Now, I’m all geared up with the SDK stuff. I don’t yet own an iPhone. But I’ve made some great apps which are classified right now ;). Lol. I did it all without ever using an iPhone EVEN ONCE.

The fucked up pricing here in India made me stern about my philosophies. I won’t buy a legal iPhone even if I had the money for it. Its plain extortion. 31000 INR for the iPhone isn’t that bad. BUT IT INCLUDES CARRIER TIEUP!! Fuck that Airtel & Vodafone!!

Anyway… thats it about my rant. If you haven’t clicked the point yet, this post just means I’m gonna annoy you about iPhone dev stuff and my new apps in the future posts. Heads up! 😉

Oiling this Rusty Li’l Thing!

Back when I started this blog, I intended it for personal use and for publishing stuff that I care about. With 31 posts in its arsenal, its obviously not just another spam blog with nothing in it other than the “Hello World” post.

TechRoach Back

My being busy has made me completely forget about it. But, now since I’m free and actually trying to kill some time, I decided to come back to blogging. Hope you guys would like the new edition of TechRoach. Stay Tuned….

iPhone Guitar – WOW

Wow. Just wow. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video down the paragraph. Its pure magic man. I mean, this kid has way too much spare time that he made a guitar in an iPhone ?! Its basically a touch sensitive fret-board where you’re supposed to do gestures like in actual guitars and it even plays chords.

The visual appeal is one of the things that attracted me. It resembles a great guitar unlike other softwares with just a plain while tab-book like fret. Anyway, the iPhone is simply amazing. I helps people give wings to their crazy dreams which wouldn’t have happened without it.

Click to see the video

P.S : Sorry I didn’t embed the video here. is allergic to non-Youtube videos and anything good.

HCL Launches $350 Linux Laptop

2008, as I would call, is the year of mass computing. With Linux becoming more and moreHCL Mileap $350 Laptop popular and break-through price reduction technologies emerging, access to computing is becoming much cheaper and easier. So, here’s one more Linux laptop.

HCL, today, launched the HCL X series Mileap which has a cheap price tag of $350 (Rs. 14000 INR). It comes preloaded with Linux. The laptop sports ultra-portable, unique dustproof, shock-proof and durable design and they are powered by 900 MHz Intel Celeron M ULV Processor, with 512 KB L2 Cache and upto 400 MHz Front Side Bus featuring Mobile Intel 915GMS Express Chipset Motherboard, 512-MB DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM (Max. upto 2 GB in 2 slots) and removable 2-GB Flash Drive for data storage.

You can include an additional 60/80 GB hard drive while still costing just $400. It has an extra edge by offering 4hours backup time while EeePC offers 2hours.

So, without anymore ado, here’s the overall chart condensed for fast lookup.

In a Glance

  • Intel Celeron M ULV Processor, 900 MHz
  • 7-inch Widescreen.
  • Li-Ion Battery pack, 4 Hrs backup.
  • Weight: 900 gms.
  • 512-MB DDR2 SDRAM (Max. upto 2 GB – 2 slots)
  • 2-GB Flash Drive (60/8 GB for $400 model)
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 900 Graphics chipset with 8-MB dedicated memory.

Ports & Others

  • 4-in-1 Media Card Reader, Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory stick (MS), Secure Digital Card, MS-PRO
  • 2 USB v2.0 ports
  • IEEE1394 FireWire Port
  • RJ-45 LAN Port 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Controller
  • RJ-11 Fax/Modem Port
  • External MIC Input
  • External Audio Out
  • VGA Port 15 Pin D-Sub
  • 4-in-1 Media Card Slot
  • PCMCIA Slot
  • 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Connection

Summing Up

Its a decent machine having some features providing an edge over EeePC. Even if the EeePC is without question, the pioneer and innovator in this field, lot of new players are coming up. This is opening up a completely new niche for Linux too. Mass computing is growing in a tremendous pace.

Whats your take ? Don’t forget to throw in the comments !!

[Via: CyberIndian Blog]

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